Where you can find me on the Internet, other than here.

Hi all. It’s come to my attention that many of you still visit this website, and yet, you may not be aware of my other web projects. These projects are all updated more frequently than this blog, but I’m working on that as well. But why not take a moment for all of you who read this site and give you an introduction to the others? Then it won’t be awkward when you meet at parties.

Good Songs Bad Lyrics was an idea I had bouncing around in my head for about a year, but I waited to start until earlier this year. I was convinced I would run out of material almost instantaneously. I might, if I focused exclusively on bad lyrics, but the blog has since expanded to cover tacky or ridiculous videos, and bad music industry fashion as well. With that three-part fuel source, I expect us to be able to run indefinitely. Updates every weekday.

Fuck Yeah Surf Rock is new. It’s my own contribution to the narrowcast world of Fuck Yeah tumblrs, such as Fuck Yeah, Tattoos or Fuck Yeah Sharks. I have a deep, deep obsession with surf music that started with the Beach Boys when I was a kid. I definitely know a lot more about it than a guy from Rhode Island who’s never been surfing should, and it killed me that there wasn’t a tumblr for it. So I started it, and it’s fun. Updates every weekday.

I’m also on Twitter now, in case you hadn’t heard. Updates when I feel like it.

I’m also working on other, non-Internet-based projects, but as you might expect, these are difficult for me to link. In any event, I ask that if you like any of the above, please follow, add or visit them appropriately, and maybe, if you’ve got a second, tell your friends about them. Thanks.