Jeremy Bent is a writer, actor, comedian, bassist, former roller derby announcer & referee and a generally easy-going traveler on Spaceship Earth. He hails from Coventry, Rhode Island, and yes, he would love to regale you with trivia and the most recent census information from his home state. He thinks it’s nice that you drove through it once.

Jeremy can be seen performing regularly with the improv groups Thank You, Robot, Rumpleteaser and Bucky around NYC, but most frequently at the Upright Citizens’ Brigade Theatre. He can be seen performing irregularly with his partner in comedy, Seth Lind, as the two-man group Bent/Lind. He also teaches improvisation,  and has taught improv workshops at the School of Visual Arts, Yale University, and Dartmouth College.

Jeremy has contributed headlines to the Onion, written articles for the Huffington Post and original pieces for the sadly defunct magazines Toyfare & Anime Insider. He also used to write, host and act in videos for the similarly sadly defunct UGO.com.