The story of a man whose website you're on.

I’m a writer, actor, comedian, musician, former roller derby announcer & referee and a generally easy-going traveler on Spaceship Earth. I’m originally from Rhode Island, and I enjoy trivia about it: literary great Cormac McCarthy was also born there!

You can hear my voice in many places, starting with Tooning Out the News on Paramount+, where I voice political analyst Teddy Hopper on Inside the Hill and co-host Jonathan Keene on Hot Take. You’ll also find me on Mission To Zyxx, an improvised science fiction comedy podcast, where I play the sardonic protocol droid, C-53, as well as Professor Jamison Burkehead on Nice to Meet You, a comedy podcast by Gen Z Media, a partner of Wondery.

I perform often with my improv groups Thank You, Robot at Caveat and Bucky at the Upright Citizens’ Brigade Theatre, although live shows are currently on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic. I’ve also taught improv at UCB in New York, along with workshops at the School of Visual Arts, Yale University, and Dartmouth College.

I’ve written headlines for The Onion, and articles for Huffington Post, SportsAlcohol.com, UGO.com as well as Toyfare & Anime Insider magazine. I also wrote the Mission To Zyxx text adventure game, Lost In Digital Space, and I can write for you, too.